Why Companies Register for Virtual Trade Missions

To Save TIME Finding Potential Buyers, Suppliers, and Partners

"This event is fabulous. Next time we have one I'm going to invite my clients. Being able to have a business dialogue like this without suffering severely from jet lag is absolutely wonderful."
- Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, eBusiness and technology tax practice group

"The online part of the VTM was an effective way to learn about the capabilities of carefully selected U.S. and foreign security companies, and to identify potential business relationships. The video conference with senior executives that followed allowed us, virtually in person, to speak with one another and ask questions, and to get a feel for personal chemistry. As a leading systems integrator, EDS is always looking for cutting-edge technologies. From the mission, we identified one Israeli company and two American firms with cyber security solutions that we are following up with."
- EDS, systems integrator with offices in 60 countries

"The value proposition included: excellent and effective management; number and quality of participants; availability of relevant and important information; better understanding of the U.S. market; exposure to various fields of expertise; and the opportunity for exposure, and to establish preliminary connections."
- Vigilis, The Institute for Emergency and Disaster Preparedness in Israel

"What I liked about the VTM was being part of a group of companies that are really looking for a joint venture, and being connected to U.S. organizations that may open a door to leads and connections. To Elbit Systems, it was very effective."
- Elbit Systems, Israeli security company with a global presence

To Save MONEY Finding Buyers, Suppliers, and Partners

"Small businesses like mine can seldom afford to participate in overseas trade missions because they usually involve at least two trips and extended stays in the host country. Because of the virtual trade mission, we had almost accomplished deals before we got on the plane."
- Cheiron Resources Ltd., Canadian energy company doing business in Asia

"There's no way I could have afforded the time or money to be traveling back and forth overseas. This has opened up so many new doors. It's a great forum for networking, and I've received referrals from people in the U.S. and Asia that have connected me with others I wouldn't otherwise meet. I definitely see more business opportunities developing."
- Penny & Associates Inc., Canadian financial services firm working in Asia and U.S.

"The beauty of the virtual trade mission was that you could lay the groundwork upfront, online, and without the expense. I nailed down two solid deals and three other potential agreements from the mission."
- Alternative Technology Solutions LLC, IT consulting firm in the US